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I’ve been on the search for a natural deodorant that works for me with not much luck. I won a giveaway on IG with the CBD deodorant as one of the items. After a month of using, I am pleased with how well this deodorant has actually worked. The texture is unique and applies well as it warms against skin. This deodorant has passed the stinky pit test for me and even better is it’s Zero Waste. Thank you J&L Naturals for this gem. Vegan, clean ingredients, and actually works. Great for sensitive skin and under arm texture, too. Will be placing an order to restock.

As a mother of 5 young children, I have begun to pay more attention to the products I use on them. It blew my mind to realize how many chemicals are used in "natural" products that come from the store. I was really excited to see this TRULY all-natural lip balm, and I am even more excited to try it out (along with my new bamboo toothbrushes). The items were shipped promptly and arrived within 2 days. Everything is packaged cleanly and presented beautifully. I can't wait to start using it and look forward to purchasing again in the future.

I absolutely love this aftershave and I think he will too! It smells and feels great !!! I can't wait to gift it for him on Valentine's Day :)

This is the 3rd. brand of bamboo toothbrush that I've ever used & it's by far my absolute favorite! The bristle area is smaller than most brushes, which is actually a huge plus because, with the shape & size of that area, it was the only brush that got behind & into the hard to reach places; so your teeth get a good thorough brushing. And the shape of the handle is unique & is much more comfortable to hold than other brushes. It's eco, comfortable & cleans super well. I love it!! :)

This is the BEST lip balm that I've ever used! It actually keeps my lips hydrated & moisturized & doesn't dry them out at all. I love it so much. I also love that it's vegan, all natural & in a zero waste container. :):):)

I got the Bergamot and vanilla scented deodorant. Smells very refreshing! Thank you!

Burt's Bees, WHO?! This is my new favorite chapstick! It smells so good and refreshing! It feels moisturizing and not at all greasy. The item packaging is eco-friendly as was the shipping packaging, which was very important to me. Glad I bought two and I'll be buying more in the future!

Cute and travel size. Just how I like it??. Plus the peppermint in the "Heal" is quite enjoyable during the holiday time. ?? ?? ?? ??

Love this! I'm trying to cut plastic out of my life and this is perfect for that. It is push up which I like. It glides easily, smells nice, and I like how large the actual stick is. I wish it was a bit mintier but I still love these and will buy again. Shipping was also lightning fast! I didn't have to wait at all to get these. Love that.

I really don't have the time to be making natural products myself due to my job. Though, I ?? to support zero waste businesses like JnL and find that these products work well. Plus they can be travel size. Sincerely from loyal customer. ?????

Love these lip balms, so cute! The flavors are amazing! I love that they are push ups for lip balms. Fast delivery! Will be so cute for my bridesmaids proposal! Everyone loves smooth lips!

Perfect for an addition to Christmas gifts! Shipped very quickly and wonderful quality! Thank you!

Nice scent and quality. It makes my skin smooth and calm without feeling greasy.
I'm absolutely buying other products!

Perfect for my Sensitive Face

I have a sensitive and oily type of skin. But wow! This Face Masks was amazing! I really love it because it improves and softens my face.
It feel so smooth and helps regulate the oil production.
I highly recommend this Face Mask.

I'm in love with the packaging and I love the fact that it arrived so quickly ?? I can't wait to try this out tonight. I'm hoping I experience the same insane hair growth others have. Will definitely purchase more items from this seller.

Balance | Face Cream

Amazing Product!

Makes my lips feel so soft!

Balance | Face Cream

Makes my skin look radiant!

Love the Calm Skin Serum!

I purchased this chapstick once before and fell in love with it so to its ethical properties. It's the perfect product for an eco friendly/ Vegan practiced. I will be returning for future purchases.

It arrived on time and the packaging is perfection. I have been feeling very compelled to purchase zero waste products so I was so happy to find this sellar. As you can see in the picture I immediately stuck my finger in it and applied to my face. It was very hydrating and it was thick or sticky. I feel like it made my face glow. Highly recommend.

Timeless | Face Cream

I really love the feeling this gave my skin! It made me feel moisturized and it wasn't oily at all! Definitely will be my go to from now on.