3 Clay Facts and Wonders That Got Your Skin Covered!

3 Clay Facts and Wonders That Got Your Skin Covered!

So in love!

I typically don’t like to use masks because they leave my skin super red and cause my acne to worsen. But after using this mask my skin was literally glowing! …I will definitely be purchasing more when I run out! -Siarah F.

This face mask is amazing. It took my face from dry to really softened and plumped, I love it. -Peggy

In the middle of winter, this face mask brought me back to life. -Romy


There really is no getting over your wonderful reviews, and you keep them coming! We assure you that your J&L Naturals Face Masks always live up to your expectations and deserve to be part of your beauty regimen.


But have you ever wondered about what’s in the soft, creamy mixture of your favorite face masks? Let’s know the amazing facts and wonders behind these clay masks that have got your healthy, younger-looking skin covered!

Kaolin Clay: Gentle exfoliation while restoring damaged skin

Originally used in making porcelain chinawares, Kaolin Clay is also called China Clay, and has made its name in skin and hair care products. This gentle white clay is best known for its oil-absorbing properties. It can also take away toxins, unclog the pores, and be applied even on sensitive, acne-prone skin without irritation or redness. Having this very mild, yet effective, exfoliant is your first step to achieve acne-free and blemish-free skin!


Get this mild and gentle exfoliation with Balance, Hydrate, Calm, Timeless and Shine Face Masks!

Bentonite Clay: Calms acne, detoxifies, softens and brightens skin

Another clay wonder that puts your skin at ease is Bentonite Clay. It does more than just absorb and wash away environmental toxins, irritants and impurities from your skin. It can also improve and strengthen your skin’s barrier against these oxidants. Bentonite clay gives your face mask the healing touch that is anti-inflammatory, and helps relieve your skin from acne and other skin issues.


It comes from the aged volcanic ash, and has long been known and used to detoxify the body. Dirt, sebum and bacteria that come in contact are easily absorbed by this clay, making them easy to wash away!

Enjoy this clay’s absorbing, brightening and healing power with Timeless, Shine and Calm Face Masks!

Rhassoul Clay: Absorbs excess oil and impurities

Another detoxifying and oil-balancing clay effects come from the Moroccan red clay, or Rhassoul Clay. Before it traveled to other parts of the world, Moroccan women had long prized and valued the clay’s purifying, clearing and moisturizing properties. It was sought-after for its anti-aging benefits, too! No wonder, Timeless and Balance Face Masks are infused with it! This soothing clay is also used to help skin become firm and revive itself from damage.  


Well, that was just three of the reasons you can say goodbye to blemishes, impurities, toxins and excess oil. And rest assured these ingredients are all put together in the right amount in every eco-friendly container. So mask on and say hello to fresh, revived, and smoothened younger skin with J&L Naturals Face Masks



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