Hi! We are Jenn and Laith, a couple with a passion for living healthy — healthy living is happy living.

We truly believe in the healing powers of natural products and helping the environment, which is why we use simple ingredients to provide the intended benefits of each product and package each product in environmentally friendly, zero waste containers.

We value every customer and love to hear feedback on our products. We're excited to help make you and your skin happier and healthier.

Why we got started...

I (Jenn) have struggled with moderate, persistent acne for 15 years which had worsened in adulthood when it should be disappearing. After visiting several different dermatologists and using various prescription topicals, antibiotics, etc. every doctor told me “There is nothing else we can do for you.” I was absolutely devastated, desperate, and left with dry, swollen skin on my face. If there was nothing else doctors or prescriptions could do, then why not try natural methods?..

I started researching the causes of acne and logical science of natural healing. Once I had a good understanding of my acne (overactive oil glands) I started formulating and experimenting with different oils until I finally found a product that WORKS! This whole experience inspired me to want to help others in a natural, simplistic way.