Easy Zero Waste Swap: Cotton Buds 101

Easy Zero Waste Swap: Cotton Buds 101

The Impact

Tons of cotton buds stand inside their plastic containers, ready to make the last touches of your makeup. They’re also getting some cleaning done in parts only these tiny buds can get into. You need to apply a very small amount of cream for spot treatments, a task too small for your hands. But you get it done, thanks to our dependable cotton buds!

As millions of people use cotton buds every day, more than a million of them are still being produced. This big demand for plastic-stemmed cotton swabs has meant a great amount of our fossil fuel, water and land resources being dedicated to their production. 

More, this dependence to such an ordinary, small thing has led to a sizeable waste ending up in our coastlines and waters. Wildlife is also threatened when swabs are accidentally ingested. A certain picture of a seahorse with its tail attached to a cotton bud stem has become popular. This single photo indeed could tell a thousand words about its impact.


Bans Around the Worlds

In 2020, a move to mitigate the effects of plastic pollution to the environment was enforced. The use of plastic-stemmed cotton buds, as well as plastic straws and stirrers, were banned in England and Scotland. Each year, 1.8 billion plastic-stemmed cotton buds are used in England alone. So the ban was indeed a great move to deal with a fraction of an existing problem. Still, it was a good start to lessen the plastic waste one bud at a time!


The Solution: Natural, Zero-Waste Beauty

Cotton buds have been an all-around health and beauty essential; we simply cannot live without them. The solution? Using vegan, sustainable and biodegradable bamboo cotton buds! It gives you a head start in the fight against plastic waste, and in getting all those small tasks done. That’s something only bamboo cotton buds can do.



Bonus Tip 

What else can you do with bamboo cotton buds? They still come in handy when you’re applying your makeup, detailing your lip line, blending eyeshadows and touching up eyelashes. Use it, too, when doing the touch ups on your nail art or removing your nail polish. 


Here’s more: Cleaning your keyboard and electronics, and even those hard-to-reach, small spaces will be easier with bamboo cotton buds. It’s best when doing spot treatments as well. You’ll need them when you’re being artsy and putting all those intricate parts of your masterpiece together. It’s just good to have your cotton buddies around, especially when they’re this eco-friendly, right? 


Go Zero Waste with J&L Naturals

With J&L Naturals, we make all these happen with a simple essential tool like our Bamboo Cotton Buds. The solutions we create are practical, ethical, and 100% environment-friendly. All-natural, vegan, sustainable, and cruelty-free from nature are packed inside compostable and biodegradable packaging materials. And what do we have? Exceptional products that care for your needs and for the environment. Check out our collections now and experience the J&L Naturals difference! 



Photo by: canva.com

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