Face Salves - A Brand New Look, a Brand New Friend for your Skin!

Face Salves - A Brand New Look, a Brand New Friend for your Skin!


What do Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Candelilla Wax have in common? They’re all present in all five J&L Naturals Face Salve variants. Together, they make your skin’s best friend moisture-rich without the greasy feel and excess sebum. They also make sure the vegan goodness in each eco-friendly tube are working together for a long time. Each variant is mindfully formulated to work effectively with your skin type. It’s the J&L Naturals promise you can always count on. But now they come in their brand new look and with a new slayer in the group! 

Meet your all new J&L Naturals Shine Face Salve! It’s infused with Sweet Almond Oil, your natural skin tone perfector. It helps improve and even out your complexion, and also minimizes the appearance of scars. It can also relieve your skin from dryness and sun damage. Papaya Seed Oil in Shine is your skin lightener and brightener. Nothing does it better than Papaya! More, Shine Face Salve has Rose Geranium essential oil which is a total antioxidant booster. Combine them with Grapeseed, Argan and Lavender oils and voila! You got an ultra-amazing skin care regimen that boost your skin’s health, tone and moisture. Shine will surely bring out your natural glow! 

Now, let’s talk about making your natural beauty withstand time. What would your skin need to keep it young-looking? Balanced hydration with nourishment to keep it healthy and supple. The healing touches of oils that exfoliate, slow down aging, strengthen the skin, and stimulate circulation. And Timeless Face Salve has it all! This lovely scented regimen will be your skin’s best friend for all time. 

Next, you’re beating breakouts and keeping them at bay with your Calm Face Salve. It’s the face salve that can put your skin at ease. We have combined the anti-inflammatory properties of Hemp Seed, Babassu and Tea Tree Oils to help your skin heal and repair, and give it the needed antimicrobial protection, too. To top it all, Lavender essential oil soothes the skin like no other. So your sensitive skin is in good hands with Calm Face Salve

To stay in top shape, your skin has to be nourished and moisturized. Are you prone to dryness? Can the weather sometimes be harsh on your skin? Hydrate Face Salve will come for you to the rescue! Shea Butter, Sunflower and Olive Oil give your skin fast absorbing and nourishing moisture, with the calming effect of Cinnamon. 

But does your skin have not just dry spots but oily zones, too? Then, Balance Face Salve will do the balancing act for you! With Grapeseed and Jojoba Oils, you need not worry about where that moisture should go. They’ll also keep the extra sebum away from your oily spots. It has the soothing effect of Cedarwood and the luxurious essences of Ylang-ylang. Now, let your skin indulge in the nourishing hydration it craves for!

So, step up that skin care routine with your skin’s best friends in their brand new look and with their all-time vegan kick!

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