How’s Your Hair Today?

How’s Your Hair Today?

Dry, dull hair is fixed! Feed your beautiful locks with our anti-frizz formula that penetrates deep to provide ultimate hydration to your hair.”

Have you taken our Hair Type Quiz and see how we get your hair issues fixed? No matter what type of hair you have, and however you carry it with that stunning individuality, it will always find its perfect regimen among our vegan Hair Serums. J&L Naturals Hair Serums have been solving hair dilemmas, and leaving locks and manes with indulging scents. Many just can’t seem to get enough of them. 

How about you? Have you pinned down that stubborn hair issue? See how our J&L Naturals Growth, Hydrate and Strength Hair Serums with their exciting scents turn things around for many of our friends and customers.  


“I am very happy with the Vegan Hair Serum that I purchased. It smells good and it is helping my hair. After using the serum three times, I already see a difference, my hair is no longer breaking and I don't see as much on the comb. Thank you.”

-Monique, Lemongrass & Clove | Growth Hair Serum

‘I have applied the oil to my scalp twice a week and my hair is growing a lot faster and I have had less hair loss! I also apply a few drops to my leave-in conditioner and apply to the ends of my hair. My hair feels like silk and my ends are not splitting! My sister also is having awesome results. I will be placing an order today for my daughter-in-law! I will be a customer for life. I would recommend this oil to [everyone].’

-Barb, Naked | Growth Hair Serum

“This hair serum works, my hair grew three inches in a month. I would definitely purchase another bottle.”

-Ashley, Vanilla & Cedarwood | Growth Hair Serum


“Quality product. Already tried on my over 50, dry hair. Love it!”

-Kayo, Orange & Clove | Hydrate Hair Serum

‘It smells so good and I look forward to my shower at the end of the day even more because my hair just feels so good after.’

-Katie, Orange & Cedarwood | Hydrate Hair Serum

“I purchased the Cedarwood & Vanilla scent and if you reallllyy like woodsy scents then you'll love it! I have curly hair and it only takes 2 or 3 drops to hold my curls, all around a really nice purchase!”

-Laura, Vanilla & Cedarwood | Hydrate Hair Serum


‘Growing my hair for donation… This is helping the process go so much smoother.’

-Richard, Naked | Strength Hair Serum

“The hair serum is great to use with my flat iron. Very smooth and no flyaways. Great customer service.”

-Martha, Lemongrass & Clove | Strength Hair Serum

So, how’s your hair today? Do you want to get all set, ready and confident for another round of exciting months? Then get those hair issues fixed and bring more life to your hair. Get your Simple Pack or Simple CBD Set ready and shipped in no time this holiday season! These sets include your choices of J&L Naturals Lip Balm, Deodorant and Face Salve along with your favorite Hair Serum. Yes, let J&L Naturals Hair Serum do the works and give yourself the best hair holiday ever!


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