Let’s Talk about Your Vegan Bonder!

Let’s Talk about Your Vegan Bonder!

Do you take time to skim through the Ingredients page of your vegan products? If you have, then you must have seen Candelilla Wax on the list for your:

- Face Salve 

- Lip Balm

- Muscle Rub

- Aftershave Rub

- Aluminum-free Deodorant

And what does Candelilla Wax do? It stabilizes all the ingredients in these products and locks in moisture. It’s your bonder for all your vegan ingredients. But it actually does more. That’s why it rightly belongs to our royal array of plant-based materials. 

Candelilla Wax is sourced from the wild Candelilla shrub that is native to parts of Mexico and Texas in the United States. The shrub’s name literally means “little candle,” which could have been attributed to its slender, candle-like stems. From a distance, this plant looks like a bunch of stems forming a circular group. But up close, you can find its small leaves and tiny blossoms inconspicuously dotting the stems. This plant flourishes in dry, desert regions. So, how does it protect itself from the harsh atmosphere? 

The Candelilla shrub forms a thick, waxy coating in its stems and leaves. This serves as a natural defense against the discomforting conditions of the desert. This coating also serves as a water-proof shield that keeps water and moisture in. Amazing, right?  

Now, this desert shrub’s wax is used in countless ways. And it has proven itself invaluable in producing topical health, body and beauty products.  So what more can Cadelilla Wax do for you? One, just as it protects its plant source from the desert’s heat, it shields your skin from the harsh elements. It’s perfect to have on your Face Salve and Lip Balms, which protects the thinnest and most vulnerable part of your skin! Plus, it leaves a natural sheen and gloss on your lips.

Two, it’s your natural moisturizer! Candellila wax originally serves to keep water and moisture in to sustain its source. No doubt, this wax can also keep your skin well-hydrated despite any weather! And applying the Muscle Rub and Aftershave Rub on your skin would surely leave a moisturizing effect. And it definitely has to be on your Face Salve and Lip Balms, too!

Candellila doesn’t just protect and moisturize. Do you know why your Lip Balm feels smooth as it glides on your lips? Candelilla Wax gives away one of the secrets. And don’t you like the texture of your Aluminum-free Deodorant on your armpits? This wax just makes your vegan products so easy to apply and remove. And it’s quick-absorbing and skin-conditioning, too! So you can say goodbye to dry, scaly skin and even to wrinkles and age spots. 

The last, but definitely not the least, benefit we’re going to talk of is the Candelilla Wax’s stabilizing and bonding properties. That’s one main reason this wax is an in-house ingredient at your favorite vegan brand. It keeps your plant-based materials all-in and working harmoniously to provide you with the best results. 

So, do you want this vegan bonder to bring out the best in your skin? Experience this difference with J&L Naturals!


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