Naturally Bold and Beautiful with J&L Naturals

Naturally Bold and Beautiful with J&L Naturals

For many, it may take courage to wear one’s natural beauty. But for JNL Naturals, to flaunt the face and skin one is born with, to be barefaced and confident, to be bold enough to be your own true self is beauty. That is why when we say all-natural and all plant-based, we mean giving you the boost in confidence from the moment you take care of your skin. Yes, we have gone all plant-based and more committed to giving you your beauty-boosters in zero-waste, eco-friendly packaging.

Now vegan and non-vegan alike can benefit from the plant powers packed in J&L Naturals Face Salves and their matching Skin Serums. It starts with Hydrate Face Salve that gives your skin the moisture boost it needs throughout the day. This ultra-moisturizing and nourishing formula from J&L Naturals locks in moisture, leaving your face naturally glowing. Also, applying Hydrate Skin Serum in night time will soothe, heal and stimulate cell growth while you sleep. If you like Hydrate’s moisturizing formula with Shea butter, Olive and Sunflower oils and the extra care of CBD, then have it all from our Hydrate CBD variant. 

Next, if you want to strike that balance between moisture and oil-control, then Balance Face Salve and Skin Serum is the right pair for you! Formulated with Grapeseed and Jojoba oils, Balance gives you the right amount of moisture for your dry spots while dissolving excess sebum. Cedar wood and Hemp seed oils in Balance Skin Serum give your skin antioxidants, detoxify it and protects it during the night. You can also have all these balancing and nourishing effects in our Balance Face Salve and Skin Serum with CBD. Now let your skin’s natural oil give you the glow and not the grease!

Also, don’t let those skin issues keep you from being the most beautiful you. Soothe your skin while healing and preventing breakouts with Calm Face Salve and Skin Serum. This formulation has the anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and healing properties derived from Babbasu and Tea tree oils.  At night, relieve your skin with the soothing and cooling effects of Calm Skin Serum with Argan, Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils. To get this healing care with CBD, pick out Calm CBD Vegan among our variants.

Natural beauty is ageless and to stay true to this, Timeless Face Salve paired with Skin Serum is your go-to skin regimen. The extra-smoothing and ultra-nourishing formula can fight wrinkles and leave your skin smooth and radiant. Get these anti-aging, exfoliating and strengthening effects from Ylang-ylang and Clove essential oils in Timeless Face Salve. Then use Timeless Skin Serum at nighttime to give your skin some more Vitamin C! Can’t get enough of CBD? You always got your option with Timeless CBD.

Now, those are power-packed beauty and confidence boosters from your favorite vegan skin care brand. More, we would like to say that our facial products are free from harmful chemicals, toxins, parabens, sulfates, fragrances and dyes! It’s cruelty-free and guilt-free, too. That’s more freedom and more confidence for your natural beauty.




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