Salt Scrubs: Giving More Than Just the Salty Glow

Salt Scrubs: Giving More Than Just the Salty Glow

There’s more to your J&L Naturals Salt Scrubs than just the gentle and efficient scrubbing. 

For one, your J&L Naturals Salt Scrubs help you get the most of Epsom salt’s understated benefits when used on skin. Epsom Salt, or Magnesium Sulfate, is a soluble compound that looks just like your common table salt, but it has been used for many years to relieve muscle pain. Its pampering effects when dissolved in water and soaked in gave it the name “bath salt.” Have you tried a bath with Epsom salt? It’s quite a relaxing stress-reducer.   


Additionally, Epsom Salt, with its smooth texture, is known as an effective exfoliant, and one that relieves inflammation and swelling due to skin problems. It gently rubs away the flakiness, roughness, and dryness in your skin, revealing your younger, glowing layer underneath. Talk about welcoming a new skin! 

But you get more than that salty glow from indulging into these lovely scented salt scrubs!

These salt scrubs are made with ultra-hydrating Coconut Oil that penetrates deeply to moisturize the new skin. Organic Coconut Oil is rich in nourishing antioxidants and has antibacterial properties. It provides hydration and protection that your newly scrubbed areas need.

J&L Naturals Salt Scrubs also have quick absorbing Olive Oil that can give you that soft skin touch without the greasy feel. It’s packed with skin-loving Vitamins E, A, D and K, plus antioxidants. This good oil is anti-aging, and gives antibacterial protection, too!

Your J&L Naturals Salt Scrubs bring more than just refreshing scents in your every shower. Your salt scrub essences are infused with amazing skin benefits, too!

Mint Salt Scrub has Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils that naturally cleanse, soothe and cool the skin. Spearmint gives you a feel of minty, sweet freshness while rubbing the salt scrub onto your body.  Peppermint is outright minty, but it can surely bring back your focus and concentration. Combine these two mint scents and your scrub would give more protection from bacteria and infections. It’s just so invigorating!

Our Lavender Salt Scrub gives you lavender’s soothing and anti-inflammatory plant powers. Why do we love lavender? Well, it reminds us of these pretty, tiny blooms that just grow radiant under the sun. Its essential oil goes well with the sun, too! It can relieve your skin from sunburn and irritations. It enhances your mood and induces a restful sleep. You’ll surely enjoy its calming effect.

A combination of Bergamot & Eucalyptus in your Salt Scrub will surely refresh your tired soul! Bergamot essential oil naturally cleanses the skin and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Minty Eucalyptus, on the other hand, is a scent that clears and soothes your airways. It’s anti-inflammatory with extra aromatherapy! Simply, Bergamot & Eucalyptus’ spicy, citrusy and minty scents will soothe your senses in every bath! 

So, ease away your worries and come out of the shower refreshed and rejuvenated. Enjoy younger, glowing skin and renewed vigor with J&L Naturals Salt Scrubs!

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