Soak Up, Relax!

Soak Up, Relax!

It’s time we soak up some of nature’s amazing concoctions. Fill the tub with your bath water, add 5 scoops of J&L Naturals Bath Soak and enjoy that much needed spa-moments at your own home! 

It’s that easy. We always wanted to make the most of our me-times and holidays, so we thought our Holiday sets would just be the perfect add-ons for these moments. If you’re thinking of spending time at home with family or to just be a home buddy for a while, why not have your own pick of J&L Naturals Bath Soak and give yourself the best break ever? 

J&L Naturals Bath Soaks in our Exceptional Holiday Spa Pack come with your choice of Face Mask and Salt Scrub in regular sizes. Our Extraordinary Holiday Spa Pack, on the other hand, gets you these exotic spa must-haves in bigger sizes, for we know, you would never get enough of these skin-loving indulgences. 

Now, what do you want to reward yourself with these coming holidays? A long, good night sleep, a breather after a stressful week? A total lull and calmness to ease your mental tension and put your mind at ease? Or would you love soaking in ingredients that releases the aches and stiffness in your muscles, and help you breathe easily? We always have your personal needs in mind, so we created J&L Naturals Bath Soaks with Epsom Salt, Citric Acid, and Sodium Bicarbonate, in three variations: 

Refresh with the refreshing citrus scents of Bergamot and Orange Essential Oils

Relax with a bath of soothing freshness from Lavender EO.

Revitalize by breathing in the aromatic benefits of Eucalyptus EO.

So, go ahead. Reward yourself with these all-natural bath soaks. We complement them with J&L Naturals Face Mask and Salt Scrubs to complete the whole spa package for you. Wouldn’t it be great to finally get a skin care set that you can fully entrust with your face, body, and mind? Don’t wait that long before giving your body and well-being a total reset! 

Now, here’s why you’ll never regret getting our face mask on:

We formulated Calm for acne-prone and sensitive skin, to unclog pores and draw out toxins, and alleviate irritation. We also made Balance, an ultra-nourishing formula for oily and combination skin. It will dissolve excess oil while moisturizing dry spots. Hydrate was formulated for dry skin to provide all-out moisture. And aren’t we proud of our Timeless formula? It’s made for normal and mature skin, and to reduce signs of aging. 

Now, time to scrub away those dead skin cells, toxins, along with your stress and tensions with your J&L Naturals Salt Scrub! And let’s do that in a gentle way, shall we? Be energized with our Salt Scrub in uplifting Bergamot and Eucalyptus scents. Lavender will help you relax with its soothing, soft scent. Also, get your focus and alertness back with Mint and its invigorating scent.

Surely, by now, you are looking forward to your next shower. So, soak up, relax and set your mind and body free with these J&L Naturals spa and bath sensations.



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