Sunflower Oil’s Beauty Takeaways from the Sunrays

Sunflower Oil’s Beauty Takeaways from the Sunrays

Beautiful yellow heads bask on the first rays of the morning light, facing east.  The sunflowers’ slender necks then slowly crane westward, following, catching the beams of the majestic sun as it journeys to the other side throughout the day.  

Why do the sunflowers follow the sun? It’s one intriguing question that led scientists to discover the Circadian Rhythm behind it.  Sunflowers are endowed with an inner clock that tells them to turn east at the start of the day and soak in some sunlight. Both the flower and leaves of this plant are heliotropic or sunlight-oriented. This ability and natural phenomenon aid the sunflowers’ photosynthesis until they are in full bloom.  

And doesn’t the sight of a yellow field of sunflowers leave you in awe and uplift your otherwise gloomy spirit? Panoramas of thousands of these golden blooms against the sky that’s painted blue, or with sunset hues, are always breathtaking. Insects like bees flock to these yellow gardens, encouraging pollination and gearing them up for making that very sweet honey. But there’s actually more to it. 


Sunflowers are also grown for its seed. Many people snack on the lightly roasted and salted sunflower seeds. And when pressed, what goodness have we extracted from these tiny flower seeds? A long list of them! It has made its way from your household cooking ingredients, to your ice cream, to your beauty products and even to the diesel in your car! And your favorite vegan brand has always known the plant power from these tiny, little seeds, and so, it has also made its way to our army of natural ingredients. 


What made sunflower oil a part of your J&L Naturals family? For one, it has lots of Vitamin E! It’s another reliable skin emollient packed with antioxidants. It’s also rich in Vitamin A, as well as oleic acid that’s anti-inflammatory, and linoleic acid that that can strengthen the skin’s natural barrier against moisture loss, germs, bacteria and other oxidants. Sensitive or acne-prone skin? Skin aging? Protection from sun damage, and ample moisture to soften and revive skin from dryness? Sunflower oil covers them all. 


Now, don’t you love the feel of your salves and serums when they touch your skin? Your Calm and Hydrate Skin Serums make use of Sunflower Oil for moisture retention and to give your skin some antioxidants. Hydrate Face Salve also contains Sunflower Oil to give your skin that moisture boost that is light, easily absorbed, and without the greasy feel.

Your Aftershave Serums have sunflower oil, too! Aside from oils that have anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, healing, soothing and repairing properties, our Aftershave Serums also have Sunflower Oil for moisture retention and added antioxidants!

So, Sunflower Oil surely gives us more reasons to go zero waste and eco-friendly. Just think of all these wonderful skin benefits we can derive from just a small seed packet! That’s why we made sure your Sunflower Oil in your salves and serums gets to you in recyclable bottles and in a totally biodegradable packaging. 


Because of this wonder oil, people enjoyed the refreshing view of fields of sunflower blooms, where these sought-after seeds come from. It’s another set of pressed-out goodness from your loving nature!




Photo by Noelle Otto from Pexels

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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