What Makes a Natural Deodorant?

What Makes a Natural Deodorant?

What makes a natural deodorant? Everything your traditional deodorants and antiperspirants don’t have. Your J&L Naturals Aluminum-Free Deodorant has all the ingredients that make a natural deodorant, as well as extra vegan ingredients that benefit you now and in the long run. But, why should we take care of our sweat spots the natural way? 

Our sweat doesn’t smell bad in itself. Our body is designed to regulate the temperature inside it and one way it does so is by sweating.  So sweating isn’t bad at all; we all need to sweat. But bacteria grow and thrive right on our body’s sweat spots, causing the smell and our body giving off the unpleasant odor. 


Use an antiperspirant and the aluminum component in your stick will seal up your sweat glands, thus, reducing the sweat that comes out of them. Less sweat means less bacteria to dig in your body’s by-products and leave wastes in your pits. And, yes, your pits would feel dry, and wouldn’t smell. Use a deodorant and it will disinfect your armpits of moisture-eating bacteria, whether they’re the good ones or the bad ones. So, using a deodorant and antiperspirant combo gives you double the action. But are they all worth it in the long run? Of course, we all know the answer is No. 

That’s also why when you switch to using a natural deodorant, your body may have reacted in some ways as it tries to release the aluminum that blocked your glands, perhaps by producing a smelly odor or some detox rashes. But you need not panic. Your body is working perfectly and naturally. You are finally giving your pits a chance to sweat out and breathe. 

So, now, how do we handle our sweat and body odor? First, give your pits some natural disinfectants or ingredients with antibacterial properties like Coconut Oil. It doesn’t just keep the smell-causing bacteria at bay but nourishes your sweat spots with antioxidants. Next, take nature’s moisture-absorbing ingredients like Baking Soda and Arrowroot. Baking Soda helps to neutralize odor so you can still smell fresh even when sweaty. Arrowroot Powder can absorb the excess moisture and leave your skin feeling dry. So say goodbye to aluminum-clogged sweat glands and unhealthy skin!

At J&L Naturals we tend to promise you more. Your Aluminum-Free Deodorant comes with Shea Butter, a very known skin emollient, that makes application silky smooth. It also has Diatomaceous Earth that doesn’t just absorb moisture, but absorbs and draws out toxins, too! Candelilla Wax in your vegan deodorant stick puts all these amazing ingredients together and keeps them lasting long in your zero waste tubes. 

Now, you don’t have to make a Do-It-Yourself natural deodorant. Your J&L Naturals Aluminum-Free Deodorants got you all that you need! You can even choose from their 8 signature scents. You simply need your vegan stick shipped to your home in no time. It’s aluminum-free, waste-free, worry-free, and doing what your traditional sticks can’t do: letting your pits breathe naturally and letting our nature breathe, too! 


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