An aftershave serum? Yes, you heard it right. And the best thing? Not only women can use it, surely men, too. It must be included in everyone’s daily skin regimen. Why? Because good grooming does not only mean having a nice haircut or a nice make up. Your skin  counts a lot. It’s one of the first things people notice about you. So, taking care of your skin after shaving matters.

Steps to take care of your skin using an aftershave serum:

1. Choose a razor that suits you.

Choosing a razor depends on your skin type, skill, and preference. However, if you have sensitive skin better choose a razor designed specifically for your needs. Otherwise, you have a safety razor, straight razor, regular cartridge razor, an electric shaver or one that prevents ingrown hair. Research what is the ideal tool for you and you will be fine whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

2. Apply a facial scrub.

Facial scrub removes dead skin, dust, and dirt. Also, it hydrates your skin to prepare for shaving. Hydration makes it easy for a razor to glide thus minimizing nicks and cuts. Your facial scrub must be gentle. Avoid alcohol based which is harsh and dries up the skin. Wash your face with warm water afterwards so your pores open up and your hair softens. It is also recommended to shave during or after your shower.

3. Use a shaving gel.

After your facial scrub, lather with your shaving gel or cream. Apply on your face up to the side and down to your neck. Or apply it to parts of your body you want to shave. Spread thinly and evenly until you can see your face since it’s transparent. Your shaving gel serves as a protective layer from your razor blade. It also moisturizes making your razor runs easily on your skin thus, avoids scrapes and damage.


4. Shave properly.

When you shave, the first thing to check is your razor blade. Make sure it’s sharp. Dull is a no no. Imagine running that dull razor on your skin. Yes, it will result in burns and ingrown hair. Also, make sure that your razor is clean. Remove all the hair and slimy substances from the blade. Run your razor lightly on your skin using short and gentle strokes. Shave along and against the grain for a clean and smooth finish.

5. Treat your face with an aftershave serum.

After rinsing your face with cold water, treat it with an aftershave serum. Feel the freshness and coolness as you massage it on your skin. Because of its active ingredients, it gives immediate and visible results - redness gone, skin soft and supple. No heavy and sticky feeling. There are also long term benefits - lessen the appearance of wrinkles and protects skin from free radicals. 

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