5 Winter Skincare Tips: How to Prevent Dry Skin During Cold Weather

5 Winter Skincare Tips: How to Prevent Dry Skin During Cold Weather

Temperatures dropping. Sweaters out. Holiday songs slowly blasting on the airwaves. Yep, winter is definitely coming. But as the season changes, your skincare routine should too. During this time, your skin becomes more susceptible to the weather element and can get easily irritated, so you’ll need a little more TLC. Here are some winter skincare tips and how to prevent dry skin.

Winter skincare tips for healthy, supple skin

Boost your skin’s moisture

Cold weather tends to dry out your skin. According to experts, this is because lower temperatures can impact your skin barrier. Not only does it make it more prone to irritation and itching, but it could also exacerbate conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. Additionally, your skin holds less moisture as the humidity drops. The solution? Focus on hydration! Consider swapping your lightweight moisturizer for a richer, more hydrating formula, such as our own Face Salve. Ultra-nourishing and enriched with vitamins, its formula is designed to lock in moisture, combat dry spots, and restore balance on your skin. One of the best winter skincare products in your arsenal. 

Avoid harsh exfoliants

Is your skin feeling dull and rough? While you may be tempted to vigorously scrub your way to smooth skin, too much exfoliation can actually do more harm than good. Instead of smooth, supple skin, you’ll be left with a dry, irritated skin barrier. So you may want to avoid harsh, beady scrubs and potent chemicals, and instead opt for a gentler exfoliant, like our Konjac Sponge. It’s made from natural Konjac root to gently slough away excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells — even for the most sensitive skin. Use it on its own or with your favorite cleanser to reveal a silky smooth glow.

Use gentler, hydrating cleanser

Many cleansers tend to leave your skin feeling dry and stripped of moisture, which is the last thing you want during this season. Like we said, hydrating skincare is key, so go for moisture-boosting, gentler cleansers that effectively clean and purify your skin without disrupting your skin barrier. Our Cleanser Bars dissolve dirt and excess oil, while delivering a dose of skin-loving ingredients that leave your face feeling softer, smoother, and clearer. A staple for your winter skincare routine and beyond.

Don’t skip body care

Skincare isn’t just your face! All the winter skin effects we mentioned applies to the rest of your body too. Don’t forget areas like your knees, elbows, feet, and hands, which can easily develop rough patches and calluses due to the weather. Be sure to use an extra hydrating lotion to prevent cracking. For your lips, our Lip Balm is great for soothing dry, chapped lips. It’s also packed with antioxidants and vitamins for a healthy, soft pout all year-round!

Avoid hot baths

We get it, hot baths feel like a relaxing treat during the winter. However, Healthline warns that hot water can strip your skin of much-needed natural oils to keep it healthy — again, leading to more itching and irritation, especially for those with skin conditions. Plus, hot water can also increase inflammation. It’s best to keep your bath water temperatures below 86°F (30°C), and remember to follow up with your moisturizer and lotion.

Now that you know how to change skincare routine for winter, you can enjoy glowing, healthy skin no matter the weather. Shop your winter skincare essentials at jnlnaturals.com.

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