How to Build A Sustainable Skincare Routine

How to Build A Sustainable Skincare Routine

Nowadays, eco-friendly skincare has become wildly popular — from the rise of ‘clean’ ingredients and upcycled formulas, to recycled packaging and more. But at J&L Naturals, sustainability isn’t just a trend. To us, it’s a way of living that’s here to stay. Not only does sustainable skincare help conserve the earth’s resources, but it also encourages a more mindful approach to our routines. Plus, sustainable skincare works just as efficiently (if not even better!) than commercial products, helping you achieve healthy skin without worrying about controversial ingredients, excess waste, or unethical processes behind the scenes. 
Fortunately, being eco-conscious about your skincare routine doesn’t mean you’re limited to backyard-grown aloe vera or organic coconut oil for life. If you’re wondering how to build a sustainable skincare routine, here are some tips to get you started. 
Check the ingredients

You’d be surprised that many ingredients found in everyday items negatively impact the environment. Oxybenzone, for instance, is commonly used in sunscreen. But studies have found that oxybenzone can harm coral reefs and lead to aquatic toxicity. Another example is microbeads — yes, those seemingly harmless, tiny dots in your exfoliants and toothpaste. These miniscule plastics pose a threat to marine wildlife, as they are often ingested by animals. It’s tempting to skip the labels when buying products, but knowing what’s in your skincare is part of being a responsible, conscious shopper. 


Go for multi-use products
Not everyone needs elaborate 10-step skincare routines. The simplest thing you can do is to buy less, so you throw out less. Go for multi-use products — whether it’s a face moisturizer that doubles as a body lotion, or a lipstick that doubles as blush. It’s also a chance to get creative and find different ways to maximize a product. Of course, it’s better for your wallet, too! 
Say no to single-use

Between disposable cotton pads, tissues, and sheet masks, the amount of single-use items in our beauty routines is astounding. And where does it all go once it’s served its purpose? You guessed it — they end up in landfills, oceans, waterways, and more. You can do your part by making the switch to reusable products when possible. For example, swap your cotton balls for reusable cotton rounds, and your disposable plastic razor for a high-quality, steel razor. The options are endless! 

Reduce your waste

Every year, the world generates more than 380 million tonnes of plastic, which certainly includes beauty products such as jars, face cream containers, shampoo bottles, and more. Many of these items are non-biodegradable and take hundreds of years to decompose. While it might be fun to unbox an eye-catching product, fancy packaging doesn’t equal better quality. Instead, look out for products with eco-friendly packaging and materials. At J&L Naturals, we’ve developed containers that meet the highest standards of sustainability. For starters, we use kraft containers for most of our products, since these are easily compostable and biodegradable. Aside from this, we also use good old glass, which can be recycled through our in-house recycling program. Alternatively, you can always choose products that do away with packaging altogether, like soap bars, shampoo bars, and refillables. 

Support sustainable brands

Like we said, sustainability is a fast-rising trend in the beauty industry. While we support greener options for everyone, this means that some brands have also resorted to greenwashing — AKA, marketing themselves as ‘sustainable’ without actually putting in the effort. When looking for your next product, research and see which businesses are truly committed to helping the planet. What kind of packaging do they use? Do they pay their workers a living wage? Are their ingredients non-toxic? By supporting sustainable brands, you can rest easy knowing your products aren’t causing harm, whether intentionally or not. 

We know living sustainably can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to this lifestyle. What’s important to remember is that sustainability isn’t “all-or-nothing,” so don’t feel pressured to chase for perfection. Start small, even if it means simply taking more time to decide to hit ‘checkout’ or not, or reusing your empties one at a time. Imperfect steps are better than nothing at all! 

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