How to Choose the Best Facial Cleanser

How to Choose the Best Facial Cleanser

One’s skin and one’s face are undoubtedly the first things that come to mind when we talk of people’s looks. But that’s not the only reason we take care of it, even painstakingly at times. Our skin plays a big role in protecting us from harmful elements that may get inside our bodies. Your face, for one, goes head on with daily pollutions and stress.  So, it truly deserves more than just any regular soap or cleanser. But what can guide you in choosing the best facial cleanser?

Not Just the Usual Cleansing

The first service we need to do for our face is a good cleansing. Starting our day with a face clean and bright can boost our confidence. And we normally end the day with a clean feel on our face at night. Regular soaps, washes or cleansers can get rid of dirt, sweat, oil, dead skin cells, or even sticky make up from our skin. But soaps used for the body may be harsh or drying, so it’s best to avoid using them on your face. Preservatives, which are common ingredients can also strip your skin of moisture, eventually drying it out. 

Choose Natural and Zero Waste

Have you tried washing your face with a natural bar soap instead? Natural Cleansing Bar Soaps contain no preservatives, dyes, fragrances, and harsh chemicals that can harm your skin. It cleanses your skin effectively without clearing out moisture! 

A Match for the Skin You’re In 

Have you ever found yourself lost in the array of soaps and washes that you have to choose from? You may have taken all that time to partner your skin with a suitable cleanser because you know your skin has to find its perfect match. But if you have just barely started, then you can just get down to these basic skin types, then find the right cleanser for that skin you’re in. 

What’s Your Skin Type?

A normal skin type generally has a good balance of moisture. But if your face feels a little oily even a few minutes after washing, then you may be more on the oily side. If your skin feels tight and chapping, particularly in colder seasons, then it may be the dry skin type calling for more moisture. 

A sensitive or acne-prone skin needs extra attention since it could easily react to certain chemicals or elements that may come in contact with your skin. Some also have combination skin types which has parts that produce more sebum than others parts do, or portions that tend to be dryer or more sensitive. And as we age, we ought not to take proper skin care for granted.

Take the Quiz!

Now, you don’t have to take on the whole task of finding the right facial cleanser. You know your skin better now, and you opt to give it the natural cleansing that leaves your skin moisturized and healthy. It’s time to take the Skin Care Quiz and narrow down your choices! Focus on the issues you want treated. You can find the right cleansing bar to properly care for your oily, combination, dry, dull, acne-prone or even aging skin!
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