Biodegradable Floss - Zero Waste, Healthy Switch to Clean Teeth!

Biodegradable Floss - Zero Waste, Healthy Switch to Clean Teeth!

Taking food particles out of the tiny spaces between your teeth has become so easy with a dental floss. You feel cleaner and fresher after flossing and brushing. You feel awesome knowing you’ve done away with any cause of cavities and infections. But you’d feel a lot better if you’re sure the floss don’t end up in landfills or expose you unnecessarily to harmful chemicals. Right? 

The Problem with Ordinary Dental Floss

A regular dental floss is designed for single use only, so there is no way you can reuse it. Reusing the floss may only introduce bacteria to other parts of your mouth. You have no choice but to toss it into the bin after use, along with its plastic container and packaging! 

Most dental floss are made using the strong nylon. It doesn’t easily fray when slid and pulled between closely-packed teeth. But within its tiny threads are components that deem it almost unrecyclable and non-biodegradable. It takes big effort and expenses to recycle nylon, so along with other nylon-based products, disposed dental floss may stay in the landfills for around 80 years. Sadly, a great quantity of these wastes also end up choking our oceans and many of our wildlife in the waters.   

Some Dental Floss May Expose You to Harmful Chemicals

Production of regular dental floss can also result in the production of nitrous oxide, a chemical gas which is found to be way more potent than carbon dioxide. And what else are in your dental floss? Toxic chemicals that may somehow cause heart disease, cancer and organ damage. Some floss may contain flourine or use a synthetic coating like Teflon, which may have compounds that can disrupt the immune system. People who use certain types of dental floss may also absorb the chemicals which can stay in their bodies for a long time. 

Biodegradable Floss Solves the Problems

Our Biodegradable Floss is made from corn fiber and mint-flavored Candelilla Wax. It’s totally plant-based and biodegradable! This corn-based biomaterial can even potentially reduce the carbon footprint from the manufacture and disposal of plastic products. So, simply toss your used floss into your compost bin. No wastes, no worries.

Also, from its thread to its coating, the biodegradable floss is totally chemical-free! Now, you can smile wider and more confidently than ever! Your biodegradable floss is packed and shipped in totally biodegradable kraft paper packaging. 

What’s Inside the Floss Bottle? 

You get twice as much floss compared with other brands. So, you have more chances of removing plaque and buildup, especially in areas that the toothbrush bristles cannot reach. Regular flossing can also reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. That’s better than what tooth brushing alone can do. 

Go for Zero Waste Dental Care with J&L Naturals!

Enjoy your every brush and flossing with J&L Naturals! With our personal and dental care essentials, we definitely got your back! We constantly work on giving you products that are 100% vegan and plant-based, cruelty-free, sustainable, eco-friendly, and totally zero plastic. We hope to make you smile from the moment you open the packaging and use our products. So, go zero waste and give yourself the best natural dental care ever with J&L Naturals

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