Go Zero Waste on Personal Care with the Simple Self-Care Kit

Go Zero Waste on Personal Care with the Simple Self-Care Kit


Self-care kits were created to make us feel positive and good about ourselves. It is that one little package that contains all we need to fight off stress and get ourselves back on the mode of self-loving and value. But here’s another way to boost that valuable “me-time.”


What’s in the Simple Self-Care Kit?

Start your day off by flossing with corn-based biodegradable floss flavored with cool mint. Then freshen your breath with the ergonomic bamboo toothbrush. Follow it up with a refreshing facial cleanse and moisturizing face salve. Stay fresh all day with a natural, aluminum-free deodorant. Give your lips lasting protection with the vegan lip balm. Finally, dry your ears or touch up any makeup with bamboo cotton buds.

The Simple Self-Care Kit includes a Lip Balm, a Deodorant, a Cleansing Bar, a Face Salve, a Bamboo Toothbrush, Floss, and Cotton Buds. It’s all you need to complete your self-care routine and start the day right!

It’s Waste-Free, Chemical-Free and Worry-Free! 

With our corn-based biodegradable Floss and our Bamboo Toothbrush, you need not worry about throwing in more tiny nylon strings and plastic into the trash bin, that may end up in landfills and our delicate water ecosystems. Just toss the floss into the compost bin after use. When you’re ready for a new toothbrush, just remove the bristles from your bamboo toothbrush and toss the handle into the compost or recycle bin. Now you can feel cleaner and more confident when you smile!

Also, the Bamboo Cotton Buds will get the touch ups and cleaning jobs done without the waste. They will just decompose in your compost, not ending up in our coastlines and waters, threatening wildlife. You can lessen the plastic wastes one bud at a time!


Get rid of plastic tubes wastes and packaging with the all-natural Cleansing Bar, Face Salve, Lip Balm and Aluminum-Free Deodorant! These skincare products contain no preservatives, dyes and fragrances, harsh chemicals that can harm and dry out your skin. 

Cleansing Bars give you deep clean without stripping your skin of that much-needed moisture. 

The ultra-nourishing Face Salve also has a vitamin-rich formula that effectively works with your skin type. And lips stay nourished and moisturized in any weather and without the chapping with the natural Lip Balms. Get your armpits breathing normally without the pore-clogging chemicals and the uncomfortable sweaty smell with our vegan Deodorant! They’re also all gluten-free to save your skin from irritation. Just the best ingredients from Mother Nature in totally biodegradable containers and packaging!

More Savings

Save on packaging and shipping expenses when you have all that you need in the Simple Self-Care Kit all in one go. Do you know that the shelf life of a natural cleansing bar can last for years with no change in stability or efficacy of ingredients? Now, that means more savings!

The Best Kit For Your Unique Skin Type

Be bold and more comfortable with your skin when you know you got the customized skincare products from your Simple Self-Care Kit! The kit is available in Balance, Calm, Hydrate, Timeless, and Shine. It’s time to indulge!

Go Zero Waste with J&L Naturals!

J&L Naturals bring you exceptional and effective products that are 100% natural and vegan, so there are absolutely no animal-based ingredients, materials, or bi-products, but only the best ingredients Mother Earth has to offer. These pampering plant-powered products are in eco-friendly, compostable and completely biodegradable containers and packaging. We create only the best caring products and the most environment-friendly, too! 

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