Go Zero-Waste With Your Skincare!

Go Zero-Waste With Your Skincare!

Common Skincare Misconceptions 

Are you thinking that your skin can’t get enough of beauty nutrients, and you just got to have more or have them all? Your skin would definitely love all those good stuff, if only they can go deeper! Yes, many of the ingredients we see on the plastic labels work best only with a skin that’s primarily healthy on the inside. So, an extensive collection skin care products may not always bring out the best results, but a more simplified, natural approach to skin care may just do to the trick! 

The Problem with Traditional Skincare Products

“More is better” is a common misconception in skin care, and has even contributed to the predicaments we face today. Traditional skin care products abound and offer targeted or specialized solutions, yet these are also using harsh chemical ingredients, alcohol, preservatives, or animal by-products all packed in non-biodegradable plastic containers. The beauty results they bring may last for a while, but the negative impact they leave on the environment from all those containers stays hundreds of years longer. 

The Solution: Natural, Zero-Waste Beauty

The solution is not on getting more of these plastic-clad products to achieve your desired results, but on switching to a simpler, yet effective array of natural skin care regimens packed in totally biodegradable containers.  A zero waste skin care line is plant-based, sustainable, and contains only nature’s most skin-friendly ingredients. 

And how do we make the most of nature’s plant power to give you that beautiful glow? Get enough shut-eye, exercise and a heathy diet. Don’t ever miss that part of the equation. Then your zero waste, natural products will be all you need to care for your skin on the outside. Now, you’ve certainly got your natural beauty covered!

How to Dispose of Your Used Skincare Containers

Most of the plastic containers and materials in skin care products were just thrown into the trash and never recycled. What use do they have anyway? Eventually, they found their ways to our delicate ecosystems. So, traditional solutions to skin issues have brought about environmental issues as well. But how do you dispose of your plastic containers without this considerable impact on the environment? Find the solutions with a zero waste company like J&L Naturals and you wouldn’t have to worry about that! 

Bonus Tip 

There is beauty in variety and our skin shows that! At J&L Naturals, nature’s amazing ingredients are tailored to work effectively with certain skin types. Take our Skin Type Quiz and find out the best set of zero waste products just made for your skin! 

Go Zero Waste with J&L Naturals

Remember that beauty starts from within and nature can give you the best skin-friendly ingredients, just the ones you need. Don’t miss out by trying to get more from those plastic packs and creating more wastes! Let your beauty glow naturally with J&L Naturals! We bring you high quality and exceptional skin and body care products, created to take the best care of you and the environment, too.

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