How We Give Back to Mother Earth?

How We Give Back to Mother Earth?

As a company, we embody the principle of healthy living. This way of life applies to our products and how we conduct our business. So, we provide you with safe-to-use plant-based ingredients and biodegradable packaging materials. We believe in making a difference for the present and future generations to come. 

To give back to mother earth, we support two causes and one of which is tree planting. Since our products come from plants, trees, and herbs, we want them to be sustainable. What we use, we must replace because, in that way, our resources won’t be depleted. We can continue to produce high-quality products that only mother earth can truly give naturally.

Why Do We Support Tree-Planting?

Trees are one of our life sources. Through photosynthesis - the process of plants’ food production - trees remove carbon dioxide from the air and use it as food. In turn, they give off oxygen as the by-product. It means that the more trees around us, the cleaner the oxygen we breathe in and the lesser carbon emission in the atmosphere.

Have you noticed that the more trees around us, the better quality of the air we breathe in? Trees help us avoid respiratory disease and other ailments caused by free radicals in the air. They hold and conserve water thus, preventing floods and soil erosion. They also support wildlife by providing shelter and food.

Trees supply us with raw materials to make our vegan products. In a sense, while we protect our environment, we also protect you as our consumers. Giving back by planting a tree through your purchase has two-fold benefits. It’s a win-win situation for all of us. So, support us now, and gain numerous benefits from your purchase.

How to Join Our Cause?

We encourage you to join us and support our tree planting program. How? You may ask. One tree is planted for every product kit or bundle that you buy. Buying J&L Naturals is a special thing to do because you contribute to protecting and saving planet earth, the only home we’ve got. Here are several kits or bundles you can choose from:

  1. Exceptional Self Care Kit
  2. Simple Hair Care Kit
  3. Skin Serum Bundle 5-Pack
  4. Lip Balm Bundle 5-Pack
  5. Konjak Sponge Bundle 5-Pack
  6. Hair Serum Bundle 5-Pack
  7. Face Salve Bundle 5-Pack
  8. Cleanser Bundle 5-Pack
  9. Beard Oil Bundle 5-Pack
  10. Aluminum Free Deodorant Bundle 5-Pack
  11. Aftershave Rub Bundle 5-Pack
  12. Simple Self Care Kit
  13. Simple Skin Regimen Kit
  14. Exceptional Skin Regimen Kit

We are on sale so, you enjoy more savings when you buy a kit or bundle now! Our products prove effective, safe, and ethical - by following green practices such as zero waste, recycling, reuse, reduction, and repurposing. No animal was experimented with or harmed during production and distribution of J&L Naturals.

We do business with a social conscience. This is our responsibility and environmental contribution to society as a business entity. Join us! Together, we make a big difference in protecting our environment. 

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