Why Plant a Tree?

Why Plant a Tree?


It only takes a 5-minute read to renew our spirit and enthusiasm in doing that one act of tree-planting and becoming nature’s superhero. Many may feel that doing their part is not a natural thing, that they’re not born with green thumbs. But here are some inspiring facts about trees that will get you digging up some earth and putting in those seedlings!

Why Do We Need Trees? 

Practically, everything we need in order to keep living is sourced from trees.

They provide us with oxygen and act as natural filters so we can have clean air to breathe. Their barks and leaves can absorb harmful pollutants and gases like nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. Deforestation and combustion, however, have resulted in increased levels of carbon dioxide, confining heat in the atmosphere. But trees in some ways protect us as we combat global warming by acting as carbon sinks, clearing and sucking in carbon dioxide from the air.

A tree, though, does more than filter the air we breathe. Have you ever found yourself under a canopy of green leaves and sheltering branches and feeling that soothing coolness? The natural cooling effect of this is not just something you get from their shades, and from the leaves reflecting off the rays of the sun. It is made possible by water evaporation. Leaves release transpired water vapor and cool the surrounding air in the process. Imagine how great it would be to see more of these natural cooling agents around our homes and in our city.  

Absorbing and capturing rainwater is another job being done by the silent, stoic trees. This has helped prevent, if not, reduce the damages brought by floods and landslides. Thanks to their complex, yet efficient root system that absorb and filter water, the soil does not get over-saturated and eroded. Also, during heavy rainfalls, the extensive roots can act as anchors that grip the ground and hold up the tree. More, this system also helps stabilize the soil, and filters the seeping groundwater, providing us with clean water to drink. That’s why we say every drop surely counts. 

A Planting Marathon with Time

So, the goal is: greener, cooler, cleaner, healthier environment and sources of air and water, with fewer worries of flooding or soil erosion. And for that we need to plant more trees. But counteracting the effects of air pollutants, greenhouse gases, and the like is a marathon with time. The speedy rate at which the planet is currently losing its forest is about 18 million acres per year, with around fifty percent of Earth’s tropical forests to recover.

Get a Tree Planted with a Purchase

To do the tree-planting job efficiently, you need the right tools, the right timing, maintenance skills, even permits, just to get it done. But if you want to skip the hassle, you can do it right away with just a few clicks. You may opt to get a tree planted with a purchase from J&L Naturals! 

Through our partnership with #TeamTrees and the Arbor Day Foundation, we at J&L Naturals will plant one tree for every Set sold! So shop for our Sets now, and get someone to start digging!


Source: Canva.com

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