Why your Beard Oil and Aftershave should be ‘More than the Usual’

Why your Beard Oil and Aftershave should be ‘More than the Usual’
There are as many reasons to grow a beard as there are cultures, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions. It can be a symbol of dignity, wisdom or status and with such, a man is viewed with utmost respect and reverence. He is worthy enough to grow and wear his beard. There are those, though, who are viewed to be dominant and condescending. He exudes authority and fear. And since man was the only one endowed with this kind of hair, it is too often considered as an expression of his masculinity. And don’t some women consider men with well-cared mustaches and beards more attractive? Yes, it’s your beard and you simply have all the vested rights to make it your best asset.
However you want to grow your beard and for whatever reasons, though, you share the same care challenge and considerations. You may all have the same thoughts in your head while tending to that facial hair in front of the mirror. Also, on the other end of the spectrum are men who do not grow facial hair. Are you one of them? Would you rather have a clean shaved face and flaunt a smooth stubble-free finish? You may still find yourself pondering about these same things.
First, if you grow your beard, you do not want it to develop those itchy dandruff flakes. You do not want your skin to feel dry and rough. You do not want your beard to grow dry, lifeless hair that drapes down your chin or spreads on your upper lip, cheeks and neck. Besides, a manifestation of these problems can be the first noticeable thing about you. So we know you are taking the extra measures to care for your skin and facial hair. You must have tried and picked out the best beard oil for you. But are you contented with the usual care?
Second, if you prefer shaving off your facial hair and go barefaced, then you know you also need to take care of that barren handsome skin. Every time you shave, you know you are not only shaving your hair, but also some parts of your facial skin! So you better take care of that exposed skin, sir. Help it heal and recover fast.  Do not let it get infected and lose moisture. Nourish your skin and keep it hydrated. Going barefaced may take on extra work after shaving, but it’s worth it. Never forget the value of having your aftershave serum or aftershave balm, whichever suits you. But is the usual care you get the best thing that happened to you?
Apparently, there are two common denominators when it comes to men’s facial hair care: taking care of the beard hair and taking care of the skin. Many have stopped seeking for the care that’s right for them when they landed on our page. Check out this page especially dedicated to men’s facial care. Meet our A-list Beard Oil, Aftershave Rub and Aftershave Serum with different essences for you to choose from! We want you to find out, as others did, that you can have more than the usual care, and it is only here at J&L Naturals!
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Photo by Fernanda Latronico from Pexels
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