All Covered: From Going Zero to Going 100%!

All Covered: From Going Zero to Going 100%!

It’s the thought that counts. So the saying goes, and we know how important it is to live by the thoughts we put into creating your favorite JNL Naturals product. We have been dedicated to give you the best, an A-list array of 100% vegan skin care regimens in fully biodegradable packaging that go totally zero in waste products. You would see that in every step, we only have your personal benefits in mind.

Step 1. We create our products to be just the ones you want for your skin and hair care regimens. JNL Naturals face, body and hair products are 100% plant-based and lovingly-formulated to embrace all unique hair types and skin types. Our products have made the best out of nature’s caring and healing ingredients like Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, and Candelilla Wax. These are found in our Face Salves, Lip Balm, Aluminum-free Deodorant and Muscle Rub. 

We have also indulged in nature’s rejuvenating minerals, refreshing oils and essences. By using proven and effective ingredients like Epsom Salt, which gently exfoliates and smoothens skin, and mineral clays, Kaolin, Bentonite, Rhassoul and Green, we bring nature’s boundless ability to care for our well-being.  JNL Face Masks and Salt Scrubs are made to boost your self-love and confidence in the skin you’re in. 

But not only that! JNL Naturals signature scents are unfailingly inviting, you will surely be moved to love nature’s amazing ways to care for you. And there are many scent variants for you to choose from. Minty, Woodsy, Sweet, Warm, Fresh. You might even like the Naked scent, too. The lingering scents would surely lift your mood and assure you that you have the best products on. 

Step 2. JNL Naturals products are packed and sealed inside completely biodegradable and eco-friendly containers. We just don’t want you to worry about anything once you have used up your favorite Face Salve, Muscle Rub, Lip Balm or Deodorant. It is best to throw your empty containers into the compost bin and help bring back the care to the environment. 

Step 3. Somewhere below our pages, you may see and click on Eco-Friendly Mailer, and get to read this: 

‘We've partnered with Jubilant Leaf to offer the perfect eco-friendly solution to your small shipping needs with the 6" x 9" biodegradable, self-sealing mailer made from 100% recycled paper and padded with 100% recycled newspaper pulp. These mailers provide the perfect amount of padding for even fragile glass items and fit right nicely in standard mailboxes for easy shipments.’ 

You think you can do more for the environment? Switch to our eco-friendly mailers, and further go zero waste!

Step 4. We have our glass recycling program, too! Click on #JLRECYLE on top of our page and know the best way to go zero waste when you have emptied your favorite Skin Serum, Hair Serum, Aftershave Serum and Beard Oil. 

You see, all and all, our JNL Naturals products are handmade with love. From going 100% vegan and cruelty-free, to going zero waste all the way, we’ve got you covered, bringing you only the best of nature’s care!




Image by Fuzzy Rescue from Pixabay

Image by Mittmac from Pixabay 

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