Easy Zero Waste Swap: Loofahs 101

Easy Zero Waste Swap: Loofahs 101

What is a Loofah?

Luffa or Loofah? However you call it, the name for this natural exfoliating fiber pad remains popular among body and skin care products. No doubt about that! Its gentle scrubbing effect on the skin has earned it its place in the bath and beauty sections of malls, stores, specialty shops and even pharmacies. But the benefits of using loofahs go far beyond its being a favorite shower mate. 

The Problem with Traditional Loofahs

If there are natural loofahs, then there are synthetic loofas or bath poufs, too. They are made typically of circular nylon mesh, and make soft and colorful options for that relaxing body scrub. Some bath poufs are even made of recyclable materials. But they will still add up to all that perennial wastes sooner or later. So they’re simply not your biodegradable, sustainable and zero waste alternative. Bacteria can even thrive in this kind of material if not taken care of properly. 

The Solution: Natural Loofahs!

Using a natural loofah is the best way to exfoliate your whole body while consciously protecting the environment. Here’s why the natural loofah fits the bill. One, it is made from the dried fibrous fruit of the sponge gourd plant from the cucumber family. So it’s completely plant-based, biodegradable, sustainable and zero waste.

Natural loofahs can gently lift dirt and dead skin cells off your skin. Put some soap or body wash on the softened loofah, and you can lather up for that deep cleansing and relaxing scrubbing. It can also stimulate blood circulation while you slough off that layer of dead skin cells. This natural scrubber strips away dull, lifeless skin while promoting healthier, younger new skin. But our skin is not the only thing that benefits from this gentle scrubber.

Bonus Tip

In many places, a loofah fiber works as an efficient cleaning and scrubbing tool for kitchen dishes, pots, pans, and even barbecue grills! The slightly abrasive fiber scrubs these and other surfaces clean without scratching them. And with these tough fibers, the loofah has also made its way to the production of industrial products such as filters and packing materials, as well as decorative toys and accessories. 

How to Care For Your Natural Loofah

Bringing home all these takeaways is quite easy with J&L Naturals 10-Pack Loofah Pads!  Each natural loofah pad will expand and soften when wet. You can also use it with or without soap. After each use, rinse it thoroughly and just hang to dry. Never wring it. Replace your loofah pad every 2-3 months. Get your J&L Naturals Loofah Pads 10-Packs and make sure you never run out of your natural, gentle scrubbers when you shower. 

Go Zero Waste with J&L Naturals

Doing the zero waste swap? Do it with J&L Naturals! We bring you high quality and exceptional skin and body care products, mindfully crafted to care for you and the environment. Plant-based, biodegradable, eco-friendly, and totally zero plastic. J&L Naturals products are simply your best alternative to go zero waste and to give yourself the best natural care ever. 



Photo by Sarah Chai from Pexels

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