Going Vegan: you believe in plant power and so do we!

Going Vegan: you believe in plant power and so do we!

Being Vegan is popularly known as being a consumer and user of products that are free from animal derivatives. It means having a plant-based diet; no honey, no milk, no eggs. Also, no leather, no wool, and no silk for clothes. It springs from strong motivations like animal welfare and the health benefits of this lifestyle itself. You may be one of those who have been reaping the satisfaction and advantages of this life course, and when it comes to your skin care regimen, you would definitely look for vegan products. At J&L Naturals, we want you to look no further.


It is J&L Naturals’ mission to give everyone their choice of products and the care they deserve. So why not take our Regimen Quiz and see how we tailor them for your specifics needs? Among the A-list, J&L's skin care line includes the Vegan variant of our Face Cream, Skin Serum, Face Mask, Aluminum-free Deodorant, Hair Serum, Aftershave Serum, Beard Oil, and Lip Balm. Now, why don’t you check out the plant powers harnessed and combined in some of our J&L Naturals skin and hair care regimen?


First up is our Face Cream, Skin Serum and Face Mask. J&L Naturals Balance Face Cream and Skin Serum, which are formulated to regulate moisture in your skin, they have the power of Grapeseed, Olive, Jojoba, and Argan oils. It is your natural way of diminishing excess oil while giving your skin the needed moisture in the right spots. Wouldn't you love to have that nice, relaxing hydrated skin? Try J&L Naturals Hydrate Face Mask. It has Kaolin and Dead Sea Clay that gently exfoliate, restore damaged skin, and remove dirt and toxins.


Now, let’s have our Cedarwood and Tea Tree Aftershave Serum that provides the moisturizing and soothing care for freshly shaved skin. It also contains the benefits from Sunflower, Olive, Babassu, Hemp Seed, Jojoba and Argan Oils. Over all, it has the antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant plant power combination. It is just what your man needs after every shave!


Next, to care for your hair, we formulated our J&L Naturals Growth Hair Serum and Beard Oil the vegan way. To grow your long, healthy beard, our Growth Beard Oil takes advantage of the power of Castor, Grape seed, and Jojoba oils to promote hair growth and hair strength. Combining these properties with that of Coconut, Olive and Argan Oils in our Hair Serum makes your locks and manes grow their best. 


Lavender, Cedarwood, Orange, Cinnamon, Ylang-ylang. These lovely essences also captivate and invigorate. Get more vegan beauty benefits too, from our Mint Lip Balm with Shea Butter, Spearmint and Peppermint Essential Oils!  Oh, these are just some of the many benefits tapped from plant power! You can also have these infused with CBD. Your pick! So with J&L Naturals, you can be assured that you get the best kind of care in every biodegradable package we ship to you. And we are proving our vegan zeal by doing what’s best for nature as well. It’s simply vegan power-packed, zero waste, guilt-free and cruelty-free!




Photo by: https://pixabay.com

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