Here Comes Grapeseed’s Pressed-out Goodness!

Here Comes Grapeseed’s Pressed-out Goodness!

What makes J&L Naturals hair and skin serums so hair-friendly, skin-loving, and effective? Each bottle contains pressed-out goodness from nature’s vegan bestowers. One of them comes from the oil that used to be just a by-product in the process of wine-making. But as the grape’s juice is extracted and fermented to give us the best-tasting drinks, its tiny seeds are pressed out to give us the really amazing oil of goodness.

Grapeseed oil is known and studied for its many health and beauty benefits. In the house of your trusted vegan brand, J&L Naturals, Grapeseed Oil was bestowed its rightful place in our Timeless and Balance skin regimens, and in variants of Growth and Strength hair serums. 

The Grapeseed Oil’s moisture-balancing properties is one of the main secrets of our Timeless and Balance skin regimens. It helps regulate oil production, but it actually does more! Grapeseed Oil contains high amounts of linolenic fatty acids, Vitamin E, and Proanthocyanidin, a powerful antioxidant. It can help relieve acne breakouts because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. More, it can make your skin clearer and your skin tone lighter, too! 

Now, how does Grapeseed Oil help promote a naturally ageless beauty? It can work to retain your skin’s softness, moisture and suppleness. This oil is fast-absorbing, works well with other skin-friendly ingredients in our Timeless regimen, and is also known to help Vitamins C and E to work efficiently on your skin. More, Proanthocyanidin in grapeseed oil provides your skin with natural protection from the sun’s harmful effects.  It’s truly amazing because it doesn’t just slow down the effects of skin aging but it tightens your pores, lightens your scars, and evens out your skin tone!  Thus, your skin will have what it takes to preserve its youthfulness and health without the oily feel. 

Growing and strengthening your hair? You know it requires more than just giving it the right amount of moisture, shine and nourishment. You hair also needs protection from sun damage, pollution, oxidants and discoloration. And your scalp? Of course, it needs moisture and attention, too. So to cover all your hair and scalp needs, Grapeseed Oil is the light and non-greasy solution that we tapped and sealed in our Growth and Strength hair serums. It promotes hair growth and strength, and nourishes the scalp, preventing itchiness, dandruff and hair loss. Along with other hair-loving ingredients in these bottles, Grapeseed Oil gives your hair that natural health, bounce and shine.

There are surely a lot to say about the pressed-out goodness of Grapeseed Oil. And just as the saying goes, great things can surely come from small packages. It’s true with the grape seeds, and it’s also true with every bottle of J&L Naturals skin and hair serums. No wonder, many say that a little from these bottled regimens goes a long, long way. They’re filled with natural goodness picked, pressed, and packed to give your skin and hair the plant powers they need. So get the best out of the grapeseed oil’s pressed-out goodness, and give your skin and your hair a total blast!


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