Here’s the new Cliché for Exfoliated Skin!

EXFOLIATING. If not for that smooth and baby soft feel you get on your skin after exfoliating, you might never try any skin products that speaks of exfoliation on its label. You may be one of those who cringe at the thought of rubbing your skin with something that may be harsh or rough. You’re just wary and you want to be extra careful when using a body scrub for fear of damaging some parts of your skin. But you want to do it anyway. Now, you can say goodbye to that old scrub cliché and get a smooth way to exfoliated skin!

Yes, you need not feel uneasy when scrubbing off your dead skin cells and bringing out that youthful skin underneath! Nature abounded in effective yet caring minerals to treat your skin with. J&L Naturals is nature’s ally in bringing in these natural exfoliating scrubs that will gently pamper your skin where it needs some exfoliating. With J&L Naturals Salt Scrubs, you’ll get the smoothest way to younger and healthy new skin. 

These salt scrubs are mindfully made with ultra-hydrating Coconut Oil and soothing Epsom Salt to slough away dead skin and penetrate deep to moisturize new skin. Epsom Salt, with its firm yet smooth texture, is not just known as an effective exfoliant. It can also help relieve inflammation and swelling due to skin problems. It gently rubs away the flakiness, the roughness, and dryness in your skin, revealing your healthy layer of new skin underneath. 

More, organic Coconut Oil which is rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties can also nourish the newly shed skin. It provides hydration and protection your scrubbed areas need. J&L Naturals Salt Scrubs also have quick absorbing Olive Oil that can give you that soft skin touch without the greasy, waxy feel. It is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, is anti-aging, and gives antibacterial protection, too! Thus, coconut and olive oils are the perfect partners in your J&L Naturals Salt Scrubs

 To cap your smooth way to healthy exfoliation, your choice of salt scrub is infused with essential oils for refreshing scents and more amazing skin benefits. J&L Naturals Salt Scrub Mint has Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils that naturally cleanses, soothes and cools the skin. It’s just so relaxing! Our Lavender Salt Scrub gives you lavender’s soothing and anti-inflammatory plant powers.

You will surely enjoy its calming effect. A combination of Bergamot and Eucalyptus in a J&L Salt Scrub will surely refresh your tired soul! It naturally cleanses and soothes the skin, and its amazing scent gives you extra aromatherapy! These essential oils can ease away your worries so you come out confident and glowing with healthy renewed skin. 

So take J&L Naturals smoothest way to take off those unwanted dead skin cells and feel more confident with the skin you’re born with. It is nature’s gentle care sealed and packed in our zero waste, eco-friendly containers.  It’s definitely the naturally smooth way and your new cliché in exfoliating skin care. 


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