It’s Your Regimen Made Personal!

It’s Your Regimen Made Personal!

Voila! You finally got your hands on that thing you were desperately seeking! Is it now your skin’s perfect mate? “Exactly!” Don’t we like to utter this word when we find the regimen made especially for our skin? And we so love to hear that from you, thus, J&L Naturals has been working hard to provide you with an A-list array of personal skin care. And we dare to bring that care to a more personal level. 


Have you taken our Regimen Quiz? Click on ‘What’s My Regimen’ tab and we will take you there. This is your first stop in letting us get to know you and your personal needs. It is where we know your skin type which leads us to the products that are best for your skin. So, let us begin. 


First, tell us how young you are. Age does matter in finding the right skin care. In our Regimen Quiz, we have provided five age ranges, and wherever you place your youthful or timeless beauty among those ranges, you would always find the care that suits you. There is just no age when it comes to enjoying nature’s beautiful touch.


Next, tell us what term best describes your skin tone. Getting a more personal regimen also starts with your own knowledge of your skin. Can you tell the difference between a fair and medium skin tone? Medium and Olive? And how can you say you have a dark skin tone instead of very dark? If you are reading this, it means that you absolutely love the skin you’re in. And if we love our skin and are ready to flaunt it to the world, we should be the first person to know how naturally beautiful it is.


Now, tell us how it is like in your personal environment.  Is it dry, humid, or simply pleasant? J&L Naturals products are lovingly formulated to work great with your skin in any weather. But we want to take nature’s beauty and caring touch to a more personal level. So let us help you get the products that performs well in the weather and seasons that you find your skin in. 


Okay, we’re almost there. Dry or oily. Which term best describes your skin? And how is your T-zone? Are you getting oil or breakouts in these areas of your forehead, nose and chin? If so, how often do they happen? What really takes us to great lengths in caring for our skin are these conditions it has to deal with. But don’t worry, you can find relief among J&L Naturals all-out natural support for your skin problems. Just tell us about it and let nature give you the soothing care you may not easily find anywhere else.


Are you Vegan? You see, when we talk of J&L Naturals, we mean plant power at top performance in caring for your skin. Yes, we got you covered. Serum or salve? We know you have your pick. So, go, nourish your skin the way you’ve always liked. Click on “What’s My Regimen” and let us get to know you personally, because we have made J&L Naturals a place where your skin feel most comfortable and most at home.





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