Let’s Speak Out with our Bamboo Toothbrushes!

Let’s Speak Out with our Bamboo Toothbrushes!

We’re bringing the elegance and beauty of bamboos right into your homes! 

Bamboo is a type of grass growing in diverse climates, from hot tropical regions to cool mountainous forests. It is found to be stronger and to weather better than certain types of wood. It can also be easily grown. If you get to walk through a bamboo forest, you can’t help but be amazed at the sight of thousands of these giant stalks with the small branches gently swaying and the leaves softly rustling. So, turning these formidable stalks into many kinds of tools and products would not even threaten its existence. It’s a totally sustainable choice. 

Bamboo offers a lot from its shoots to tips, and in J&L Naturals products, it provides our Bamboo Toothbrush with the ergonomic and biodegradable handle that never splinters. It’s 100% zero waste and eco-friendly. And the look? Elegantly classic, light and woodsy, with the accents of the bristle colors. But we have heard a lot more from you! 

Look in the bathroom

“This bamboo toothbrush looks so nice in my bathroom with the color scheme I have. Besides looking so cool, it is a nice bamboo toothbrush to use and is biodegradable.” - Minerva

“Great color accent in my bathroom and I love the bristle strength. Biodegradable too!” – Joline


“This bamboo toothbrush has such a wonderful design! It feels great in my hand!” - Morgs

“I love the biodegradable aspects of this brush as well as how nice it feels to hold in my hand. Great find!” - Luna

BPA-free bristles

“I’ve been using bamboo toothbrushes for a while but find the bristles tend to be too soft or wear out quickly. I was so happy the bristles were firm on this toothbrush. I love the shape of the bamboo handle… I will definitely be buying my bamboo toothbrushes from J&L Naturals.” - Linds 

“My kids look forward to brushing to be able to use their rainbow bamboo toothbrushes. Good job on the motivation for them.” - Remington


“This is the 3rd brand of bamboo toothbrush that I've ever used and it's by far my absolute favorite! The bristle area is smaller than most brushes, which is actually a huge plus because with the shape and size of that area, it was the only brush that got behind and into the hard to reach places. So your teeth get a good thorough brushing…I love it!” - Shabana

Big thanks to all your responses! We love each and every one of them.  

Making the J&L Naturals Bamboo Toothbrushes is just one way we use plant power in the fight against plastic wastes. Common toothbrushes are unrecyclable, and a single piece can actually take a long time and a long process to decompose. But with our Bamboo Toothbrushes, we can make the change. And hearing from you really pushes us to move forward with our advocacy to be nature’s silent heroes. So let’s speak out, and help more people do the switch and ditch the plastic! 

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