Nature’s VCO: Oily Facts and Wonders

Nature’s VCO: Oily Facts and Wonders
Towering shadows of coconut trunks against a blue sunny sky with leafy branches swaying in the breeze and full clusters of green coconut fruits. It’s a sought-after sight, sound and feel of a tropical holiday that can set anyone dreaming and booking their next summer getaway. And the taste of the thirst-quenching fresh and cold coconut water, to say that it’s simply refreshing would be an understatement. A dinner of your choice of uniquely seasoned veggies with savory coconut milk you know is just heavenly.
Nature certainly speaks of many ways to delight our senses, and coconut is just one of these many wonders. Aside from that, there are options, too many to mention, on how to tap the benefits from this tropical tree. There are the cool shades on the sand, the panoramas of coconut trees lining the beach, and the beams and thatched roof of summer huts. Also, the husks and leaves can serve some practical household uses.
Then, the shell of its nut eventually ends up in our collections of fancy souvenir items and other stuff that can be made from it. But inside this nut contains one of the world’s favorite flavors in beverages, and the white meat inside it has not only made many meal courses a lot more exciting. When used in body care, it gives us the extra virgin coconut oil that has never fallen short of plant power and health benefits as well. That’s why it found its way into our A-list array of natural products.
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil pressed and extracted from the coconut meat is rich in natural saturated fats that can bring health to your hair and skin. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the main ingredients in J&L Naturals Vegan  Hair Serum, Lip Balm, Beard Oil, Aluminum-free Deodorant and Muscle Rub. It has antioxidants that keep your sensitive skin from damaging free radicals and delay skin aging. It has antibacterial properties, too, that can help keep your armpits feeling fresh and odor-free. And as a healthy natural oil, it nourishes and moisturizers your skin, giving it a healthy glow and plenty of hydration. It can also do the same to your hair, giving you a shiny and healthy-looking beard, locks, strands and mane.  It’s one of nature’s proven remedies and caring secrets packed in our zero waste and eco-friendly bottles and tubes.
Coconut is just a sample of how nature’s army existed to care for many of our needs, and even serve our luxuries from their roots to the last drop of its extracted oil.  It does not only excite our senses in many ways, but it can really care for our skin, hair and total wellbeing. Thanks to its extra virgin coconut oil, nature’s caring plant power has been given the boost and acknowledgment it rightly deserves. So rest assured that your choices of J&L Naturals' Lip Balm, Beard Oil, Hair Serum, Deodorant and Muscle Rub have one of nature’s healthiest options packed and delivered in the most earth-friendly way.


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