Portable Lip Balm: At Your Lip Service and Beyond

Portable Lip Balm: At Your Lip Service and Beyond

Our advocacy is simple: natural care that surely fits your needs and wants, is worry-free and zero waste. But we went beyond the usual lip service. We want that care to be real, long-lasting and something you can have anywhere. It is all in our portable J&L Naturals Lip Balm.

You know too well why you have to care for your lips. Its most notable part is the vermillion zone or the reddish film of epidermis on which lipsticks are usually applied. It is also the border between the normal skin with the facial hair and sweat glands, and the thinner internal skin of the lips. We express ourselves in speech, emotions, smile, even in silence through our lips! It is this small part of us that can surely say a lot. No doubt about that.

So, we want to make our lips look their best, that is, red and full. Red lips in men and women can give off the idea that we are of good health and disposition. The play of colors from cosmetic lip products, on the other hand, has brought aesthetic and fashion statements up front and vocal for those who wear them. Hence, our lips call for extra care and nourishment, not to mention the protection they need against weather, external elements as well as aging. Remember the pain and bleeding when you get chapped or cracked lips? You might have wanted to talk that much but you simply could not. But shake those thoughts off now, get yourself always hydrated, and eat healthy. Then, remind yourself to do the right lip service and have that with you all the time.

Since our lips do not have oil-producing glands, they could not stay nourished and moisturized on their own. Serve them with J&L Naturals Lip Balm in Naked, Heal and Mint. Are you into Lemongrass and Clove essences, or would you rather go for Orange and Cedarwood? Our lip balms have Shea Butter, one of the best ingredients in lip products, for silky smooth application. The extra virgin coconut oil is packed with antioxidants, the nourishment for healthy, ageless pouts. With Olive Oil and Candelilla Wax in every tube, you can absorb and lock in those valuable moisture for your lips. More, you may opt to have our Vegan and CBD variations, too! CBD isolate gives that extra healing, moisturizing and nourishing service. We only want you to have the lip care that is safe, natural and long-lasting, so you do not need to apply it many times a day. But as stated, we want to go beyond just talking about our wonderful product.

 Why not check out our shop and pin that service you want from our list of natural lip balms? Many have placed their orders again after getting the lip service they need from that portable and biodegradable tube. They love the scents and texture, too! With J&L Natural Lip Balms, speak your heart as much as you like and kiss as much as you like. Your lips do a lot of service for you and they only want the best service from you, too. That can only be from J&L Natural Lip Balm, and that is more than just lip service!




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