Rub Your Pain Away: All Natural Pain Relief Rub

Rub Your Pain Away: All Natural Pain Relief Rub

Taking a break from those long hours of sitting? Staying active by working out, doing yoga, dancing or doing some laps just around the neighborhood can give our body some good stress. From simple house chores to extreme activities like mountain biking and rock climbing, we can somehow keep our bodies young and in shape. But they may leave us with a measure of soreness, too. So here’s a more natural take on relieving our muscles of discomfort and pain without cutting down on these healthy activities.  


Why I Love This Muscle Rub

J&L Naturals Muscle Rub brings you ultra-soothing warmth on the skin and fast relief from muscle aches and pain. It is infused with the plant power of Cayenne Pepper, which is known to help relieve joint and nerve pains, as well as to have anti-fungal properties. This ultra-soothing formula penetrates deep and takes away your discomfort naturally and effectively.


This muscle rub is all natural, vegan, and cruelty-free, with all its goodness carefully packed in eco-friendly and compostable container. Do you have sensitive skin? No worries! J&L Naturals Muscle Rub is gluten-free so it won’t cause any irritation. It’s preservative-free, too! That’s just total relief with less the worries. 

What Is In the Muscle Rub?

J&L Naturals Muscle Rub combines the lightweight and the fast-absorbing moisturizer from organic Coconut Oil and extra virgin Olive Oil. So, your skin doesn’t lose out on needed hydration upon application. Cayenne Flakes provide soothing heat that penetrates the skin, taking away muscle aches and discomfort. This is further aided by Cinnamon and Clove essential oils that also naturally penetrate and relieve muscle pain. Candelilla Wax is a popular natural stabilizer, and it is what’s keeping all these powerful ingredients together. Then, Shea Butter makes us love this muscle rub even more for giving it that smooth and non-greasy application. 

Need a Little Extra?

You can actually get faster, more effective and soothing relief from J&L Naturals CBD Muscle Rub! CBD is popularly known for its anti-inflammatory properties, bringing you relief from skin irritations. It can also reduce swelling and pain in certain skin conditions. More, CBD can give your skin extra nourishment and moisturizing. So, it’s all the goodness and benefits of your Muscle Rub with the extra relieving power of CBD! J&L Naturals CBD Muscle Rub is available in Regular and Extra Strength.




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