Smell Your Best Even When You Sweat!

Smell Your Best Even When You Sweat!


Pull up a cap of a J&L Naturals Aluminum-Free Deodorant tube and what do you get? 

A whiff of a mesmerizing scent! You could just imagine how you’d smell all day long, even when you sweat from the heat. But not only that. It’s the scent that brings out who you are and what you’re best at. It’s the scent that shows that unique character in you!

Because we want to give you vegan deodorants that suit your taste, J&L Naturals has come up with these signature scents that simply got attitude! 

You can feel confident and bold with our woodsy scents of Rosemary & Cedarwood, and Orange & Cedarwood. Just be your true self!

You can just be your gutsy and feisty self with Peppermint & Bergamot, Orange & Bergamot, or Lemongrass & Clove! Feel fresh and carefree like the morning breeze! 

You’re just sweet, classic and warm from deep within, so you would surely go with Bergamot & Vanilla, Vanilla & Ylang-ylang, and Clove & Ylang-ylang

If going simple and natural is your style, then be more naturally fresh with our Naked scent! 

Have you ever thought sweating could make you smell and feel this good? Now, you push up the zero-waste deodorant stick and what else do you get? A mixture of vegan ingredients creatively combined to love your armpit’s skin and nourish it! 

J&L Naturals Aluminum-free Deodorants are infused with the plant power of Virgin Coconut Oil that is rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Along with Baking Soda, it neutralizes the odors in your pits! Arrowroot Powder also absorbs moisture, and Diatomaceous Earth draws out toxins, making you feel fresh all day long! Rest assured those body odors are taken care of! Putting all these vegan power together are Candelilla Wax and Shea Butter. So, you can glide them on easily without the sticky feel! 

You will surely love this deodorant the moment it touches your skin. They are also long-lasting, and you can even have your chosen variant with CBD! It adds extra nourishment and moisture to that part of your skin to keep it sweating healthily. 

Now, you can really let your armpits breathe with this refreshing vegan deodorant, and just smell fresh in sweat and heat. It’s just the healthiest thing to do for your pits and confidence! J&L Naturals Aluminum-free Deodorants are also 100% vegan and cruelty-free. More, they are free of harmful chemicals, toxins, parabens, sulfates, fragrances and dyes! 

We’re making nature breathe a lot better, too, because our Aluminum-Free Deodorants come to you in special eco-friendly and biodegradable tubes and packaging. You can just throw your empty tubes into your compost bin, and let nature take care of that with the littlest impact. So, our containers ensure our lovely-scented deodorant sticks can keep you fresh for a long time without the waste! 

So, how would you like to smell when you sweat? To smell of confidence or to simply smell your best? Just let your character stand out with J&L Naturals Aluminum-free Deodorants!





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