Take that Shower of Benefits!

Take that Shower of Benefits!

Now, you’d be looking forward to your every shower. J&L Naturals gives you showermates that will leave you not just feeling clean and refreshed, but with skin softened, smoothened and renewed! 

First, J&L Naturals Loofah Pad is the natural way to exfoliate your whole body. Made from the dried fibrous cucumber fruit, this body scrubbing pad can gently lift dirt and dead skin cells off your skin. It easily softens when wet and comes with a hook for easy drying. To use this biodegradable loofah, just soften the pad in warm water. You can also use it with or without soap. Then, scrub it gently on your body for that natural exfoliation. 

Next among your showermates are your J&L Naturals Konjac Sponges. These sponges let that healthy skin breathe and glow some more!  It’s another natural trick to slough away dead skin cells and exfoliate in the gentlest manner. J&L Naturals Konjac Sponges provide deep cleansing, and they are even gentle enough to unclog pores of oily and acne-prone skin. Konjac sponge is generally considered safe for most skin types and is non-abrasive. So, you can use it on your face worry-free with or without a cleanser. And they also come in these plant-powered variants.

Green Tea is a tannin-rich sponge and works to reduce inflammation and redness, reviving your natural glow. Mint is antioxidant-rich and works to promote circulation while balancing oil production, resulting in a blemish-free complexion. And Cherry Blossoms, is also antioxidant-rich and works to sooth and repair mature skin to make it smooth and supple. 

The orange Turmeric sponge works to promote circulation while lightening dull skin, reviving your radiant complexion. And infused with Aloe Vera, the lighter blue ultra-hydrating sponge works to sooth and moisturize dry skin to give you a smooth and supple texture. 

J&L Naturals Loofah and Sponges are simple yet effective, but most of all, they are 100% vegan and compostable!

Now, it’s time to complete your shower essentials with your personal pick of J&L Naturals Salt Scrub! Simply, it’s smooth to the touch and effective. It is packed with vitamins and antioxidants, is anti-aging, and gives antibacterial protection, too! These salt scrubs are  made with ultra-hydrating Coconut Oil and soothing Epsom Salt to slough away dead skin cells and penetrate deep to moisturize the new skin. More, organic Coconut and Olive Oils provide hydration and protection your newly-scrubbed areas need without the greasy feel. 

Enjoy this shower regimen with the rejuvenating essential oils of your choice. Relaxing Mint has Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils that naturally cleanse, soothe and cool the skin. Calming Lavender is soothing and anti-inflammatory. A combination of Bergamot & Eucalyptus will surely refresh your tired mind and body! It cleanses and soothes the skin, and gives you extra aromatherapy! 

With all these showermates, you can certainly get more from bathing and with just some gentle scrubbing. So always take that shower of benefits and love that skin you’re in more with every bath!



Photo by: https://www.canva.com

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