We hear you and you just spur us on!

We hear you and you just spur us on!

We’re hearing and receiving a lot of love from you! You know that J&L Naturals aims to be your favorite and well-loved vegan skin care brand. We’re dedicated in providing you with reliable and worry-free regimens with the least impact on the environment. And you just spur us on! 

For instance, when we gave you that relaxing feel of the spa at the comfort and safety of your own home, we’re just so glad to hear how happy you are with J&L Naturals Salt Scrubs. 

Stephanie said she was so obsessed over our Lavender Salt Scrub. “I am so obsessed with this salt scrub… I tried it once and I am hooked on it. It leaves my skin feeling so soft, I can't stop rubbing my hands to feel how soft they are. Amazing product and will definitely be a regular customer.”

J&L Naturals Lip Balms are also spreading good words! They are truly bringing out the confidence in those who love to swipe on these lovely portable lip remedies. They are long-lasting, nourishing, heavenly-scented and all-out vegan, the right lippies to touch your lips! 

Lisa could not say enough positive things about Mint Lip Balm. “From the ingredients to how it is packaged and shipped. All green, all sustainable, literally. The balm is moisturizing, not greasy, not dry. It is just perfect. I will not buy any other lip balm from now on. No more plastic tubes in our oceans!”

What’s more in our eco-friendly tubes? Vegan freshness that stay with you all day long! Just choose your combination of refreshing scents among J&L Naturals Aluminum-free Deodorants! And many, in fact, have found the best vegan deodorant to glide on their pits! 

Kerry, for one, was not just satisfied with the fast shipping, but would love to order again a Bergamot & Vanilla deodorant. Why? “I've tried about 12 brands of natural deodorant. They have all irritated my skin, leaving red bumps, or been sticky and/or ineffective. This deodorant has a light pleasant smell and works great! I exercise daily and sweat a lot and it's doing its job! Thank you!”

More, on our Lemongrass & Clove variant, Gabriela says, “I love this natural deodorant! I live in Puerto Rico, so it’s pretty hot especially during the summer. This product is wonderful, it lasts all day!

How about our Aftershaves and Beard Oils? Lochlan says he really enjoyed the Lavender & Tea Tree CBD Aftershave. “It does a nice job of soothing my face after I shave. I have pretty sensitive skin and shave every day and my skin get very irritated, but all the irritation is gone when I use this.”

Natalia got a CBD Hydrate Beard Oil as a gift for her husband, and said “his beard is so soft and healthy. We call it magic in a bottle.”

See, we just can’t get enough from these real people and their beautiful stories. We can’t help but share it with everyone. And there’s still more! We’re just so grateful and so spurred on to move ever forward with our J&L Naturals health and beauty mission! 



 Image by: https://pixabay.com/

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