Your First Base to Zero Waste

Your First Base to Zero Waste


Whether you are an environmental advocate, thinking of being one, or having the awareness but lack the enthusiasm, you and me, we all like the feeling of this simple relief. It’s the sense of relief from having thrown something out as trash but something ecologically safe as well. Who likes feeling responsible for discarding something that could not be reused or recycled anyway? And you surely know that, one day, it is going to be another contributing piece to earth’s misery. What a waste! How you wish going zero waste could come about by the next day! That is why J&L Naturals wants to give its little share in making it a lot more practical...And it all starts with a little awareness.


Reducing our waste into the smallest percentage possible does take effort, and we can all admit that we are not born with this zero waste attitude.  You may not have been used to it, and you have to remind yourself from time to time why you had this resolve in the first place. Still, for those who go zero waste, it will always be worth all the effort. But J&L Naturals wants to lighten things a bit more when it comes to your skin and body care. To complement and maximize your zero waste endeavors, J&L Naturals sourced and packed the best of nature’s care into completely biodegradable materials.


Our biodegradable packaging is kraft paper, which is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. The packaging for the serums is a glass bottle with bamboo cap and silicone dropper, which are also recyclable. We even have a recycling program for those who have saved up 5 bottles to make sure they are recycled properly. So, our packaging is one hundred percent guilt-free! We want you to lavishly care for your body and well-being, with no worries from seeing non-biodegradable bottles and containers fill the bin and add to waste. All you need to do is switch to your choice among our array of A-list natural products.

To help you find the best facial care product for you, take our Regimen Quiz. You do not have to be an environmental advocate to pass this test. Just know your skin and what it needs. J&L Naturals products are for everyone! Have you pinned your product choice? Now start seeing the results. It may be the best compliment you can have from going natural and zero waste, or it may just be the switch that you wished you had done a long time ago.

It’s that easy. Avoid the anxiety that comes from buying products that bring waste, for that stress would not look good on you. Take the skincare line that works wonders and is waste-free.  With J&L Naturals products, you can have nature’s best care and solutions, and you get to bring back the care to nature as well. J&L Naturals wants you to go zero waste and our A-list skin and body care line is your first base. We want you to go for that beautiful and well-cared you and to a beautiful, well-cared Earth, too.



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