How to Get a Smooth Shave: Tips to Avoid Irritation and Ingrown Hair

How to Get a Smooth Shave: Tips to Avoid Irritation and Ingrown Hair

To many people, shaving is part of one’s normal hygiene routine. Whether you’re going for a neat look or a subtle stache, there’s nothing like the relaxing feel of a clean, smooth shave. But no matter how much of an expert shaver you are, you could still be prone to painful nicks, razor burn, and even ingrown hairs. If you want to avoid this and learn how to get a smooth shave every time, keep reading for the best men’s shaving tips. 

Cleanse your face with warm water

No matter how in a rush you are, you should always start with washing your face. Use a gentle cleanser to remove all that dirt, excess oil, and grime. We recommend our own Cleansing Bars, which also provide a dose of skin-loving ingredients that will leave your face feeling softer, smoother, and clearer. Because it contains only natural, nourishing ingredients, you’ll get that satisfying clean feeling, without stripping skin of essential moisture. Be sure to cleanse with warm water to open up your pores, as this would allow a smooth shave and help the hair come out more easily. 

Gently exfoliate your skin

Even if you don’t shave facial hair often, regular exfoliation is a must in your skincare routine. Some benefits of exfoliating include improving skin texture, removing dead skin cells, and preventing breakouts. It’s a forgotten step for how to shave your face, but you’ll definitely want to do this before you grab that razor to maximize smooth skin and prevent razor drag. Use a gentle physical scrub, like our Konjac Sponge made from natural Konjac root! If you’re wondering how to get rid of ingrown hair and keep them at bay, exfoliating is also the best way. 

Apply shaving cream 

Wondering how to shave facial hair in the most precise way possible? The answer isn’t shaving cream, but how you apply it. You’ll want to use an upward motion, so you lift the hairs up and away from your face. Feel free to choose the shaving cream or oil of your choice, but avoid anything that lathers up too much, or you may not be able to see your hairs clearly as you shave. 

Shave with and against the grain

The best ways to shave facial hair is a heated topic. Others like to go with the grain, while some go against it. For us, the answer is both. Facial hair doesn’t just grow in one direction, so you should shave in the direction that feels most comfortable to you. Try to keep the friction at a minimum to reduce the chances of ingrown hair and bumps. Remember to rinse your razor with warm water in between strokes, and refrain from pressing too hard. 

Use cool water to rinse

After you shave, rinse thoroughly with cool water. This helps to close the pores and keep any bacteria from entering your skin, which is extra sensitive after a shave. Pat dry with a clean towel and appreciate that smooth, soft canvas! But wait, we’re not done just yet. 

Don’t forget to apply aftershave

Now that your skin is squeaky clean and silky smooth, it’s time to apply aftershave — one of the most important shaving tips there is! In the past, traditional aftershave was chock full of alcohol and made your face tingle. Because of this, it could also leave skin feeling dry and even more irritated. Fortunately, there are now some innovative formulas that help fight that impending razor burn while caring for skin in one step. If you’re looking for something lightweight, our Aftershave Serum is for you. With an oil-like, liquid texture, it’s fast-absorbing and features an extra calming blend of nourishing oils. On the other hand, if you’d like something thicker and more moisturizing, our Aftershave Rub may be best. It has a buttery, balmy texture that melts into skin, while soothing any redness and irritation. For more tips on how to apply Aftershave, check out our blog post here!

Clean your blades and keep them sharp

Last but certainly not the least: take care of your razor! After shaving, make sure to dry it out completely to prevent any rusting. Remember that you need to replace your blades every few weeks, or as soon as it starts to feel dull. Sharp, clean blades are key to getting a smooth shave too! 

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